Meet Doctor GARRA RUFA !


The Garra Rufa is also known under the following names Doctor Fish, Kangal Fish (on behalf of the homonymous city in Turkey where they were first discovered) and Nibble Fish (fish pick!) These fish are the original fish used for ichthyotherapies.

Their origin is from the Far and Middle East, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq. The order of Actinopterygii (aktinopterigion), belong to the genus Garra and the family Cyprinidae (cyprinid). It is believed that Garra Rufa fish are also found in the Jordan River.

Their lifespan ranges from 4 to 6 years and the maximum length can reach up to 12 cm. However ithe fish for fish spa should not exceed 7-8 cm.

Because their home countries are countries with high temperatures the ideal temperature for Garra Rufa best performance is 28 to 32o Celsius.

What are their eating habits? The Garra Rufa feed on natural algae when they are in their natural environment and dead cells of other organisms. Basically they are opportunistic scavengers. When kept in a controlled environment like a fish spa aquarium, their diet is based on dead cells of clients however we additionally offer 2-3 times special food tablets consisting of fish meat and are rich in vitamins and nutrients to maintain them healthy and super active.